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MixFit Nutrition is centrally located in the Houston, Heights. Our mission is to provide nutrition programs for a better life and empower the ordinary person to achieve EXTRAORDINARY results through proper education and encouragement.   We provide a laid back & fun  atmosphere allowing you to come in for a quick, nutritious meal and hang out with wellness coaches & other members who share an interest in learning more about nutrition, fitness, weightloss & overall personal wellness.


MixFit offers free wellness evaluations to all its member using the BC-1500 Ironman Segmental Body Composition Scale so we can monitor your progress. MixFit also provides its members with proper knowledge of nutrition through regular work shops and seminars and assists with healthy meal planning.


Additional services at our Center include Free Fitness classes, outdoor boot camps, running/jogging clubs, Weight Loss Challenges as well as many other FREE activities to help you meet all of your personal wellness goals.  Our wellness coaches will meet with you to help identify issues that have prevented the healthiest, happiest YOU from fully emerging, and provide solutions that will help you grow towards your goals. Together, we can assist the way you look at life & wellness and then create realistic pathways to achieving your full potential.

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Ambers Weight Loss Success:

5 pant sizes in 4 months!!!

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